Style Your Bash Terminal Without ZSH

Tweak your Linux terminal in a minute, without using ZSH.

Begin Tweaking

Copy this line of code:

curl -sS | sh

Open Terminal and paste the copied command there and press enter.

Bash Terminal

After this command completes, quit your terminal and open it up again.


Bash Terminal - FancyGit

You've already tweaked your terminal!

Further Modification of Already Modified Terminal

I'm not really a fan of this look, so I'm going to modify it a bit.

There's many themes available on the fancygit repository.

Fancygit themes

I like the fancygit human theme, so I'd open a terminal and enter this exact command.

Now my terminal looks like this:

fancygit human

But I'd rather it not show the time.

What are you waiting for, open your terminal, we're going to fix it from there.

On your terminal and enter this command:

fancygit --help

A help menu would appear with all the options available for fancygit.

Fancy-Git Help

We can see that the command fancygit --disable-show-time would remove the time, so we just copy it and then quit the menu by pressing q and paste the copied command.

Customize bash terminal theme with fancygit

Done. We're done.

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